About mwj.ai

mwj.ai is a generative AI model trained on the artwork of Mark Warren Jacques. The model perpetually builds a portfolio of Museum-Quality Art Prints by generating new artwork daily.

How it works.

mwj.ai utilizes the power artificial intelligence to generate new artwork saturated in Mark Warren Jacques’ signature style. The AI model takes Mark's original artwork and generates new remastered and remixed versions. Mark then handpicks his favorites, makes any adjustment to satisfy the artwork for release.

Every 24 hours, the artwork is released (12 am PDT) as a limited edition 1 of 1 art print. These museum-quality prints are hand crafted on archival paper, signed by the artist and professionally mounted in a minimal oak frame. Free Worldwide shipping is available. It's important to note that once an edition sells out, it will never be reproduced, making each artwork rare and one of a kind.

The releases will conclude after one calendar year and a Book will be produced along with a 365 day calendar object.

Artist Statement. 

This is a strange moment for artists around the world. When a machine can convincingly replicate you in an instant, what’s the point of continuing any kind of art practice? This is a question that has been top of mind since I discovered generative AI. Instead of rejecting the technology out of fear I asked myself, how might I use this as another tool to push the boundaries of my artistic vision? 

mwj.ai is an image-generating AI model that creates art in the style of Mark Warren Jacques. Every 24 hours the artwork is published online and made available as a limited edition 1 of 1, museum-quality archival print, professionally framed.

While I was developing this idea I received a lot of somewhat negative feedback from people that I discussed it with. Stuff like “AI-generated art isn’t real art” and “Who is going to buy art made by a computer?” “This is going to devalue your original work” and “Art without human touch is void of what draws us to art in the first place”. While I do see where these comments come from (and have been wrestling with them in my heart), we evolve, and our art evolves with us. The way I see it, AI is a natural and unavoidable evolution of our technology and species at large, so using AI to create art is a new movement that is bound to happen. I liken the movement to early abstract painting, which I have always admired for its boldness to toss out the accepted ideas of what was considered “art” at the time. Just as people said “My kid could do that” about the chaotic tangle of paint on a Jackson Pollock canvas, or later “That’s not art” about Warhol’s infinite number of silk-screened soup cans, the same is said here. The baked-in irony with AI is that your kid definitely could, and probably has, prompted an AI system to make all kinds of interesting stuff. And just as it was with Pollock, it is also true now with AI. Pollock’s real genius was the whole of his wild essence, which is clearly present in every untamed drip in his pictures. Similarly, because I built this AI system using my personal art and data, the essence of me is in this thing. My canon of paintings, feedback, and the fine-tuning embedded in this system, I believe, give it the ability to have my voice. Additionally, I review each artwork and often alter the piece to my satisfaction, making each output a collaboration between myself and the machine.

-mwj… the human one :)